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By Busy Parents, for Busy Parents

The Hinkle Family

You hear them before you see them.  the staccato thump of footsteps and a mixture of 
laughing and arguing voices. then rounds the corner a two year old blond girl with pigtails and a grin.  Close behind her is her nine year old sister grabbing for her arm.  “Mom said stay close to the cart”.  A few seconds later, a five year old boy and seven year old girl appear followed by the parents, dad pushing the cart with a car seat straddling the top.  You’re probably at Target and you’ve just met our family, the Hinkles.

My name is Adam and my wife is Dana Sue.  We are parents of 5, entrepreneurs, homeschool parents, while still trying to be people too  (today’s precarious balance of roles).

We understand busy parents, houses that are hard to keep clean, kids who are difficult to keep dressed, and lives that are so busy it’s hard to feel like you are succeeding at anything, let alone parenting.  

Our role as hero in our kids' lives something we need to protect.  It’s so natural when we have toddlers and young kids but as they approach their teens, this role becomes harder to hold onto.  I feel this and frankly it's scary.  How can I continue to engage them and remain relevant in their lives.  My thought and my goal is to join them in their adventures.  While they are still young I have to make the time to fight their imaginary battles with them so I will be invited to fight with them in their real battles as they grow and life becomes more complex.  Our company is all about fun products but is also about solutions for the real challenges we face as parents.

Box fort

We created Creative QT because we totally understand that stress and wanted to find solutions for ourselves and share them with others.  Our overarching idea is Creative Quality Time (QT).  Taking time to enter into your kids lives/adventures and attempt to lead them into becoming the awesome people we all know they can be.

The company makes products that are based on struggles that we, Adam and Dana Sue, have as parents.  These products attempt at least one of three goals: 

Foster Imagination Based Play:

If you are praying for the batteries to run out in the toys that make noise and light up, you are our people. Our products engage the imagination and create a framework for your kids to live out some of their childhood adventures.  We love the idea of play time that doesn’t involve them staring at a screen like a zombie.

Promote Organization and Clean up:

If you’re sick of toys and pieces of toys strewn across the floor like lemmings making a migration toward the living room, you are our people.  We want to make clean up both easier and fun with products that make cleaning up a lot like playing.

Cultivate Parent/Child Engagement:

If you want to engage with your kids more and don’t always know how to play and spend time with them, you are our people.  I totally feel this way and we created some DIY projects help parents and kids to spend time creating together with an end result of an awesome creation for the kids to enjoy and hero points for you as their parent.

So my challenge to you today as a parent is this: get up, turn off Dancing With The Stars, find the biggest cardboard box you can find, cut a door in the side and fly that rocket ship to the moon with your kid.  Later, when his adventure is high school and he may or may not invite you in, you’ll be glad you took that time.

Current stats

Creative QT launched October 2016 and as June 2016 has served approximately 6000 customers and made $200K in sales.  

A customer satisfaction is above 4.9/5 (See customer testimonials below)

All products are above 4.8/5 stars for reviews 

Our products include LEGO accessories including the only DIY LEGO table kits on the market.  The Imagination Land Drawstring Play Mats, and No Beans About it stuffed animal storage.  Our newest products are the Peel-And-Stick LEGO compatible baseplates which allow people to quickly create a building surface for LEGO blocks on almost any surface in seconds.

Meet The Team

Hinkle Family


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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"This product is everything that they claim and much more. They go above and beyond with customer service with the follow up emails that help with the installation process. I would recommend this product and this company to anyone. "
Brian from Massachusetts 
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Bought this for my 4 year old grandson. When he gets up in the morning he goes right for this play mat and plays on it till he falls a sleep. He will actually fall asleep right on it holding one of his cars. He likes it so much he wants it in his bed. Keeps him busy every day. Great toy for the imagination."
David from Washington
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Great product and my kids love it! The customer service was amazing...highly recommended! "
Aaron from Alaska

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