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How to make a LEGO Work Station

How to make a LEGO Work Station

We recently partnered with the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, Nevada to add to their school library’s maker space. They rolled up their sleeves and did some DIY-ing to build three large portable LEGO work stations. Teachers and students alike are loving the end results! The LEGO work stations feature both the LEGO peel-and-stick baseplates on one side and a white board (made out of shower board) on the other side. They kindly documented the step-by-step process for how they built the three work stations. Keep reading to find out how to make your own!

They selected 3/8" MDF board for the core. They measured and cut the MDF board and shower board to match the size of six peel-and-stick baseplates. 

They then primed the three cut boards with Kilz paint to seal the wood. 

Then attach the peel-and-stick LEGO baseplates to the boards. It's so easy!

They opted to attach (via wood glue) shower board, to serve as a whiteboard, on the back of the wood core to give the work stations a two-sided option for students. We love this idea!

They let everything dry overnight using filled gallon buckets to ensure that everything dried evenly. This step is not necessary if you are just using the LEGO peel-and-stick baseplates ... but if you do opt to glue shower board to the back, then you'll want to let dry overnight.

They used scrap pine to make a 0.5 inch trim around the boards. Paint if you desire!

They finished by adding a handle to make it easier for students to carry the boards around.

And that's it! We LOVE how these LEGO work stations turned out! Thank you for partnering with us Clark County Schools; we're so happy that you are loving your new LEGO work stations! 


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